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December 2021

Arsenal History Quiz – answers (part 3)

by Andy Kelly

We’re nearly there. Today we have the answers to questions 11 to 15:

11. Which player won a league title medal even though he wasn’t an Arsenal player at the start or end of that season?
George Hunt who joined Arsenal from Tottenham on 1 October 1937, played 18 games and then left for Bolton on 16 March 1938.

12. During the 1940s and 1950s which team did Arsenal play annually for the Will Mather Manor House Cup?

13. Which Arsenal player was the youngest ever to win a Premier League winners’ medal?
Gael Clichy aged 18 years 10 months in 2003-04

14. Who is the only player in Arsenal’s all-time top 10 appearances list not to have played in a League and FA Cup winning double team?
David O’Leary. Ironically he has made most appearances for Arsenal

15. In which season did Arsenal field four different goalkeepers in four consecutive games in the same competition?
2000-01 in the Champions League: John Lukic, David Seaman, Stuart Taylor and Alex Manninger

Answers to questions 16 to 20 will appear tomorrow.

1 comment to Arsenal History Quiz – answers (part 3)

  • Sampat Prabhudesai

    I knew what would happen today….. that I would miss 11th question and get other 4 answers right.
    Hope I’ll get 5 answers right tomorrow and make it 15 out of 20. The only question which is bothering me out of last 5 is second longest serving Arsenal captain.

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