Arsenal against Villareal: videos from the matches through history

Here are details of our games against Villareal.

Date Match Result Score Competition
19 Apr 2006 Arsenal v Villarreal W 1-0 Champions League
25 Apr 2006 Villarreal v Arsenal D 0-0 Champions League
07 Apr 2009 Villarreal v Arsenal D 1-1 Champions League
15 Apr 2009 Arsenal v Villarreal W 3-0 Champions League
29 Apr 2021 Villarreal v Arsenal L 2-1 Europa League

Here is the video of the 19 April 2006 game

I don’t have a video for a match from 7 April 2009, but here’s Jens Lehman’s save against Villareal who we did play on this day in 2009

And here is our home game from 15 April 2009

The first leg from this round is here… 29 April 2021

Let’s hope for a win tomorrow.

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