After the Double: what happened to Arsenal in 1972?

Beyond 1970/1.  What happened next?

We have been running a little collection of quizzes all focussed around the 1971 Double.  This is the fourth quiz in the series.  At the end of this quiz you will find the answers to yesterday’s quiz.  Answers to this one will be up tomorrow.

1.  Arsenal won the league in 1971, much to the nation’s surprise.   Where did Arsenal finish in the league in 1972?

2.  As mentioned in the 1970/71 quiz, Arsenal won the league at White Hart Lane in the very last match of the entire season.   What was curious about the last match of Arsenal’s season in 1971/2?  

3. Which club did Arsenal play in the semi-final of the FA Cup in 1972 and what was curious about that? 

4.  One club was a serious contender to do the double in 1971/2 – and it wasn’t Arsenal.  Who was it?

5.  Arsenal, as we all know, failed to hold onto their League trophy in 1972.  When did they next win the league?

6. Likewise, Arsenal didn’t hold onto the FA Cup?  When did they next win the cup?

7. Although 3 players played every league game in 1970/1, only one player achieved this in  1971/2.  Who was this?  

8. Having won the league in 1971 we entered the European Cup for the first time in 1971/2.  What happened?

9.   After Bertie Mee won the league in 1971 how long did he stay manager of Arsenal, and what else did he win with the club? 

10.  Our top league scorer in 1971/2 was also our top league scorer in 1970/1 – but the number of goals he scored was very different.  In 1970/1 he scored 19 in the league.  What happened in 19701/2? 

Good luck with that, but now we go back to yesterday.  Here are the questions, and answers from the last quiz.

1.  Who was named Footballer of the Year for 1970/1?  Frank McLintock

2.  Arsenal entered 1970/1 as holders of the Fairs Cup, which qualified them to enter the competition again.  How far did Arsenal get in Europe in 1970/71?   Lost to Koln on away goals in the 4th round.

3.  Arsenal won the FA Cup and League, but not the League cup.  What happened in that competition?  Lost to Crystal Palace in the 4th round at home. 

4.  During the 1970/1 season two players (both of whom are famous in Arsenal terms, although for different reasons), played just a couple of games.  In fact one made only one start, and one made two.  Who were they?  Sammy Nelson got two stars and Peter Marinello who had arrived in a blaze of publicity got one having had 14 the season before.

5.  One highly significant Arsenal player broke his ankle in the first match of the season and thus missed much of the campaign.  Who was this?  Charlie George.    He returned in February and played each league match thereafter.

6.  What to the nearest 5,000 was the top Highbury crowd of the season, and who was it against?  62,087 v Chelsea

7.  Who was Arsenal’s top scorer in 1970/1 in the league?  Kennedy with 19.  He didn’t play in the first game but came into the game after George’s injury.

8.  Who was Arsenal’s top scorer in the 1970/1 FA Cup campaign?  Charlie George with five.

9.  Arsenal used 23 players in the 1969/70 league season.  How many players did Arsenal use in their 1970/1 league campaign including substitutes?  16

10.  One of the double winning team was sold during the close season.  Who was it, and where did he go?  Jon Sammels, he went to Leicester having played 215 games and scored 39 goals.  He went on to play 241 for Leicester before moving on to play in Canada.


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  1. 1) 6 th

    2)Spurs again ?

    3)Stoke ? Met at same stage the previous year ?




    7)Bob Wilson

    8)Knocked out in the 2nd round ?

    9)Left in 1976 , Charity Shield ?

    10)Ray Kennedy – scored 15 ?, and left for Liverpool ?

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