The 5th and final Arsenal History Society “1971 Double” quiz

The First Double: The Quizzes

By Tony Attwood

As I am currently co-writing the book “Arsenal in the 70s” I have been running a little set of quizzes all this week about before, during and after the 1971 Double.  Here is the final quiz, and below are the answers to yesterday’s quiz.  If you would like to see more quizzes, or indeed if you would like to write a quiz on any aspect of Arsenal’s history, do let me know.  Next week I anticipate returning to the Iconic Moments series, unless anyone has a better idea.

The final Double quiz – concerning what happened after the Double of 71

1.  In the 1971/2 we actually played two league games at Anfield.  Why was this?

2.  In 1970/1 our worst defeat was a 5-0 against Stoke in the league.  In 1971/2 we suffered another heavy defeat – 1-5.  Who beat us this time?

3.  It had been hoped (following the publicity surrounding his arrival) that Peter Marinello would make a significant contribution in 1970/1 but he had just one start and two appearances as substitute that season, spending much of the time in the reserves.  What happened in 1971/2?

4.  In 1971/2 we played the club we know as Leyton Orient in the sixth round – but at this time they were having one of their occasional name changes.  What were they know as, at the time?

5.  The team that gave us our biggest victory in the league season in 1971/2 also knocked us out of the League Cup.  Who was it?

6.  With things not going perfectly in the league, Arsenal brought in a very famous player to help revive them at the end of 1971, and he appeared for the first time on January 1 1972.   Who was it?

7.  Bob Wilson was injured near the end of the 1971/2 season, meaning that our deputy keeper played in the Cup Final of 1972, and through the first third of the next season.  Who was it?

8.  Who replaced Arsenal as league champions, in 1972?

9.   To celebrate the Double and prepare for the European Cup, just before the  start of the 1971/2 season Arsenal played three European “Challenge Matches”.  One club was played twice (home and away) and the other played away in front of one of the biggest crowds of the season.  Who did we play?

10.   A team that we normally associate with being in the the top division in England, and whose historic exploits have already been mentioned once in this set of quizzes, won the 3rd division in 1972.  Who?

And now, the answers to yesterday’s quiz.

1.  Arsenal won the league in 1971, much to the nation’s surprise.   Where did Arsenal finish in the league in 1972?  5th

2.  As mentioned in the 1970/71 quiz, Arsenal won the league at White Hart Lane in the very last match of the entire season.   What was curious about the last match of Arsenal’s season in 1971/2?   For the third year running, the final game was against Tottenham.

3. Which club did Arsenal play in the semi-final of the FA Cup in 1972 and what was curious about that?  For the second year running we played Stoke, and once again it went to a replay.

4.  One club was a serious contender to do the double in 1971/2 – and it wasn’t Arsenal.  Who was it?  Leeds won the FA Cup and came second in the league one point behind the actual winners.

5.  Arsenal, as we all know, failed to hold onto their League trophy in 1972.  When did they next win the league? 1988/9; 18 years later!

6. Likewise, Arsenal didn’t hold onto the FA Cup?  When did they next win the cup?  1979; 8 years later.

7. Although 3 players played every league game in 1970/1, only one player achieved this in  1971/2.  Who was this?   Pat Rice

8. Having won the league in 1971 we entered the European Cup for the first time in 1971/2.  What happened?  Lost in the 3rd round to Ajax.

9.   After Bertie Mee won the league in 1971 how long did he stay manager of Arsenal, and what else did he win with the club?  He left after the 1975/6 season.  He won no other trophies.

10.  Our top league scorer in 1971/2 was also our top league scorer in 1970/1 – but the number of goals he scored was very different.  In 1970/1 he scored 19 in the league.  What happened in 19701/2?   Ray Kennedy got just 12 goals


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