The Great History of Arsenal competition – with prizes

By Tony Attwood

We have got a couple of copies of Woolwich Arsenal, the club that changed football to give away.   And in case you already have a copy, we’ve got some alternative prizes too.

To win, all you have to do is to enter Andy Kelly’s fiendish Arsenal History Quiz. 

Better still, you don’t have to get all the questions right – we’re giving copies of the book to the people who get the most right!

Better still again, Andy and Mark – the guys who did all the research for the Woolwich Arsenal definitive volume – are not allowed to enter.  So everyone else stands a chance of winning.

The questions, plus details of the alternative prizes are included on our fabulous, amazing Competition Page.

And if, having taken a look, you don’t want to enter, but you’d still like a copy of the book, you can now buy it not only from the publishers but also from Amazon, who have, or are about to, sort out their stock.  And quite soon it will also be in the Arsenal shop.  Can’t promise that it will be there for the opening game, although it would have been nice, but it certainly will be there soon after.

Making the Arsenal, the earlier volume, which is one of the alternative prizes, is also on sale in all three places.

Over to you.  Show me how clever you are – but please, don’t post any answers back here.  That would spoil the fun.

Tony Attwood



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