Beating West Bromwich: the videos across time

As well as our daily videos related to an anniversary, we are also slowly building collections of videos of games against certain clubs.  Here are the one’s we’ve collected so far.

You can read more about this day in Arsenal’s History here, updated each day around 9am.

Meanwhile here is the file of videos on each club that we are slowly building up.

And so today it is Western Bromwich.  (Where I wondered is East Bromwich, and answer came there to me… East Bromwich is a fictional English village in the Hellboy series of comics, named in reference to West Bromwich. It is the location of Hellboy’s arrival on Earth after his summoning by Rasputin.)

So now we know.

Not every video obliges by popping up with a screen view, so you just have to click.  As with this first one from 2013…

WBA in the League Cup

And below, two penalties two goals from 2012

Next we have the victory this year (2021) – again just click on the lick

And this superb 5-2 victory from the 2002/3 season…

And just to be fair, here’s one where WBA got a draw, March 2011

We’ll be adding more over time, and indeed keeping the series running through the summer.

100 Years in the First Division: the absolute complete story of Arsenal’s promotion in 1919.

Henry Norris at the Arsenal:  There is a full index to the series here.

Arsenal in the 1930s: The most comprehensive series on the decade ever

Arsenal in the 1970s: Every match and every intrigue reviewed in detail.

And each day on this site we publish the anniversary files.



2 Replies to “Beating West Bromwich: the videos across time”

  1. Surprised that there is no mention of being fifty years ago today, to the day, since Arsenal clinched their first double. What a memory that was.

  2. I really do love your comments Nigel – we do the anniversaries every day, and of course on the day we have the list of events, and the link to the article about winning the double. You choose to ignore that post, go to one that is all about the history of today’s game, and then complain that the double isn’t mentioned!!! Amazing. Anyway, in case you are interested the anniversary file for the day was published at and there you will find the link. Also if you followed my column on the Arsenal Independent Supporters Assn site you’ll have seen the lines in the Today of All Days column. – click on Today of All Days and you’ll find each day covered.

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