9 great wins against Manchester City: watch the videos

Welcome to the video collection series in which we are gathering together the best videos we have against each club we have played in recent years – and adding some new ones to the list as we go.   The full index of the 270+ videos we have gathered commemorating events on individual days are to be found via this link.

Here is the list of clubs covered so far in the club by club series of videos.

Manchester City

Arsenal v Man City 1 September 1991

Beating Man City 5-0 28 October 2000

Watch Arsenal beat Man City 5-1 away on this day: 22 February 2003: 

Knocking in three against Man City away 24 October 2010

Charity Shield 2014

18 January 2015…

Beating Man City December 2015

April 24, 2017 FA Cup semi-final

18 July 2020… the classic commentary – “this time Aubameyang doesn’t make a mistake”

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